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Michael C. Hilyard

Actor, high school student, animal lover.
Mar 30 '14

I play Noah! Filming this summer!

Feb 20 '14

Piper Perabo. Edits By Crystal. It’s scary how good she is.

Feb 12 '14

I like to move it move it!!!!!!!

Nov 21 '13
My favotive actor, Jeffrey Donovan. AKA, Michael Westen from burn notice.

My favotive actor, Jeffrey Donovan. AKA, Michael Westen from burn notice.

Nov 11 '13

AWESOMENESS! Crystal & I just booked gigs on an up coming spy movie! As if we weren’t busy enough! I have school, she has a job, and we’re both main characters on an upcoming show, Lives of Liars! Not to mention Crystal’s Filming Wizard Dying, and she’s about to start filming Mystery of the Missing holiday!

We play a brother/sister duo, Chloe and Marcus Quinn, Irish secret agents, and in all honesty, I can’t reveal anything else about the plot, other than that it’s AMAZING, and that Megan C. Cushman, who played Monika in “I love you, My puppy”, has a role in it as well! There may even be a chihuahua!

Nov 8 '13

Short film I was a part of!


Jenny    Crystal Marie Hilyard

Monika  Megan C. Cushman

Ashie     Ashley Smokin Blue

Simon      Michael C. Hilyard

Lucky         Lucky Charms

Even though Crystal’s my sister, I really enjoyed this project. Everyone was absolutly amazing, and it was Megan’s first performance. She has so much raw talent, I hope she works more.

Oct 8 '13
Sep 14 '13
Sep 13 '13

Pics from a shoot a few days ago. 

Sep 8 '13

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